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Pool Fence Latches And Hinges

Pool Fence Latches And Hinges

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Quality Pool Latches and Hinges:

Pool Latches and Hinges. Ordinary latches and hinges should not be used when fencing for a swimming pool. The gates must be self closing and self latching. The latching mechanism that secures the gate must be at least 54” above grade according to the BOCA pool safety code. Even if the fence is only 48” tall to meet the same code that requires the latch to be 54” above the grade.

 Use magna latches for pool safe gates. Use a tall magna latch for aluminum fence gates that are 48” high, the latch mechanism will be 54” above grade. With self closing hinges this latch is the way of closing your gate and latching it closed which will greatly reduce the danger of leaving a gate open. Use these latches and hinges for swimming pool gates and other child safety purposes. Using a magnetically triggered latch eliminates the mechanical resistance to a secure latch closure. Problems with gate latches jamming or sticking, associated with traditional mechanical latches, are eliminated.

The fence can enclose the area only around the pool or can enclose the entire portion of your property. In order to meet swimming pool fence and gate BOCA codes, the gates or openings must have self-closing hinges and be self latching. Install a four-sided barrier such as a fence with self-closing gates to completely surround the pool. If the house forms the fourth side of the barrier, install alarms on doors leading to the pool area to prevent children from wandering into the pool or spa unsupervised. In addition to the fences or other barriers required by many towns, consider creating several “layers of protection” around the pool, in other words setting up as many barriers (door alarms, locks and alarmed safety covers) as possible to the pool area.