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Install Fences On Slopes

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Most standard aluminum fence sections allow for racking. If a greater rack than the standard section will allow (12″ over 6′) is needed, sections can be ordered with the double or triple punch options at no extra cost to allow for extra racking. But arched picket fences styles do not rack. Stair stepping the fence is also a solution worth consideration. Separate and identify your posts. There are three types of posts: Line, end, corner and gate. The horizontal rails of the fence sections fit into the holes punched in the posts. A Gate post is the same as an end post but the post walls are twice as thick.


Installing an aluminum fence around your backyard is a smart idea if you have dogs you want to keep in or a swimming pool you want to keep kids out of. When properly installed, an aluminum fence should last you for years. Just make sure that you find out where your property line is and whether there are any local laws you need to be aware of before you begin building.

When hanging the gate to the gate posts make sure the horizontal rails of the gate are at the same level as the horizontal rails of the fence panels. Do this by either lifting gate by hand, or by inserting temporary wooden block spacer under the gate to keep gate at the proper height while installing it to the gate post.


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