Get Your Pool Fence and Fence Gate Ready for Backyard Summer Fun

When the sun is blazing and summer’s in full swing, there’s nothing like a backyard pool for beating the heat. Of course, being the proud owner of a swimming pool isn’t all fun and games… it’s also a big responsibility.

Pools are great, but they can be dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken. Swimming pools are a drowning hazard for unsupervised children and pets. There’s also the threat of trespassers who can expose pool owners to staggering amounts of liability.

Of course, we can’t sit by the pool all day, as nice as that might sound. We have work to do! Many pool owners are finding that aluminum pool fencing is the best solution for backyard pool safety and security.

Make Sure Your Fence Is Up to CodeSet Up Your Pool Fence for Backyard Summer Fun by Discount Aluminum Fences

The Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA) have outlined stringent requirements for safe pool fencing. Among them: the fence must be at least 4’ tall, the pickets must be spaced less than 4” apart, the latching mechanism must be at least 54” above the ground, and the space between the bottom rail and the ground must be less than 4”.

These rules and others outlined by BOCA may seem strict, but they’re in place to keep everyone safe. Pool fencing regulations in your area may vary from BOCA requirements, but if you opt for a fence that meets these guidelines, chances are strong that it will meet or exceed any local requirements.

Secure Your Gate

When it comes to pool fencing, the gate is the most likely entry point for adventurous children, curious pets, and trespassers. So it’s crucial to make sure your pool gate is secure.

Discount Aluminum Fences offers plenty of options to keep your aluminum pool fence’s gate from being the weakest link. TruClose hinges close gates automatically, so there’s no risk of them being absent-mindedly left open.

MagnaLatch locks have a unique magnetic latching system that is immune to mechanical jamming, so you don’t have to worry about your gate sticking open like it might with a standard gravity latch.

Aluminum gates with closely spaced puppy pickets keep pets and small children from accessing the pool area by squeezing themselves between gate pickets.

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Protect Your Pet with These Puppy Fences and Fence Accessories

We all love our pets. They enrich our lives with their playful antics, they’re always willing to serve as cuddle buddies, and they’re great listeners. Some of us even consider them to be members of our families.

We do our best to keep them from getting into trouble, just like we would with any close friend. Unfortunately, they’re not always so keen on staying safe. After all, there’s a big, wide world out there – with critters to chase, territory to mark, and new friends to make.

If your pet has a hankering for adventure, you’ll need to take extra measures to keep them from making a break for it. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to protect our pets from letting wanderlust get the best of them.

Keep Your Puppy Safe with These Puppy Fences and Fence Accessories

Puppy Picket Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing adds style and security to your home, but it’s also a great way to keep your pets safe and secure. Fences with lots of space between the pickets offer ample opportunity for escape, because dogs and cats are capable of wriggling through some truly astounding obstacles.

Puppy pickets create a barrier that will have even the most gifted four-legged escape artists throwing up their paws in resignation. These pickets are narrowly spaced to keep your pets from going on the lam, and to prevent other animals from trespassing where they’re not welcome.

Our Appalachian Puppy Picket aluminum fence is one of our most popular options, and it’s easy to see why: it pairs a classic, elegant design with closely spaced lower pickets. The result is a fence that lends an air of dignity and grandeur to any home, and keeps pets safe at the same time.

Pet-Safe Gates

Of all the possible escape points for a furry Houdini, the gate is certainly one of the most likely. Gates that are inadvertently left open look like a golden opportunity for adventure to a curious pet. So it’s important to keep gates pet-safe.

The same Magna Latch gate latches that are ideal for keeping small children out of pool areas are also ideal for preventing pets from escaping. They latch automatically, and never get stuck open due to mechanical jamming.

The Tru Close hinge is another ideal aluminum fence accessory for homes with pets. They close automatically, so there’s no need to worry about leaving the gate open when your hands are full.

Discount Aluminum Fences also offers gates with puppy pickets, which will make your gate just as secure as the rest of your fence, and match your aluminum fencing perfectly. 

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Aluminum Fences Guide: Highlighting Industrial Fence Options

While it’s certainly true that quality aluminum fences lend an air of respectability and security to any business location, warehouse site, or manufacturing Highlighting Industrial Fence Options With this Fence Guide from Discount Aluminum Fencesfacility, they’re definitely not just for looks.

Aluminum fencing acts as a strong deterrent to burglars, and protects a business’s assets from theft, vandalism, and other unfortunate incidents. It also acts as a shield from potential liability, by barring would-be trespassers from the business’s property where they could otherwise become injured.

Discount Aluminum Fences offers the very best in industrial aluminum fencing. If you’re looking for an industrial fence, have a look at some of our top picks.


Our Outback style aluminum fences have the elegance of square finials, and the protection of a flat top rail. They’re sturdy, attractive, and protective, and they’re sure to make yours the best looking business in the neighborhood. Outback fences are available with matching flat top or domed gates in regular or heavy-duty configurations, and in widths ranging from single walk-though to double drive-through.

Sierra Extra Pickets

Classic, minimal, and clean, our Sierra line of aluminum fences is hard to beat for business application, unless you’re talking about the XP, or extra pickets version. Extra pickets give your business’s patrons a sense of seclusion. They’re less than two inches apart, allowing the fence to function as semi-privacy fencing. Extra pickets also make a sturdier and more secure barrier between your business and the outside world when business hours are over. Like all of our aluminum fences, the Sierra XP line is available in white, black, and bronze.


The arched pickets of our Castle aluminum fences will give your business an air of security, permanence, and elegance. The pickets of our Castle-style fencing extend above the top rail, lending a regal appearance, and acting as an imposing barrier to those who might consider hopping the fence after closing time.

Why Choose Aluminum Fencing?

While it’s true that there are other fencing options out there, few can compare with the value of aluminum. It looks every bit as elegant as wrought iron, but without the hefty price tag.

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Spice Up Your Aluminum Fence for Cinco de Mayo and More Holidays

It’s that time of year again, when Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence DaySpice Up Your Aluminum Fence for Cinco de Mayo from Discount Aluminum Fences. Instead, the holiday got its start as a celebration of Mexico’s victory at the Battle of Puebla. The French had the Mexican army outnumbered and outgunned, but the Mexicans snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, sending the French army packing, and giving the Mexican resistance movement a much-needed morale boost.

Mexican-Americans imported the Cinco de Mayo celebration into the States during the Civil War, and it has since grown into a national celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. Of course, you don’t have to hail from south of the border to get in on the good times; we all love reasons to have fun with our friends, families, and neighbors.

When you think of Cinco de Mayo, you probably think of delicious Mexican food, cold drinks, and dancing to Mariachi and Son music, but no Cinco de Mayo celebration would be complete without decorations. The vibrantly colored decorations are a big part of what makes this holiday special.

And what better canvas for festive Cinco de Mayo finery than the aluminum fence that surrounds your yard or pool? Let’s take a look at some fun ways to spice up the fence for your Cinco de Mayo party.


Stop by your local party supply store and pick up some crepe streamers in red, green, white, magenta, bright orange, neon lime, and any other colors that strike your fancy. Weave them between your aluminum fence pickets in layers, or just spice it up with a few streamers here and there. Check the forecast, though. Crepe streamers don’t like rain.


Your aluminum fence is designed to stand up to the harshest conditions without issue, but it probably wouldn’t mind wearing a sombrero. Put sombreros on some of your fence’s ball caps and finials for a look that’s fun and festive.


Flowers are just the things to get your fence into the Cinco de Mayo spirit. You can use silk flowers from the store, or make your own out of paper or cloth. And be sure to get the kids involved, because they’ll have a blast. If you opt for real cut flowers from the garden or store, fasten the flowers to the fence using two-sided tape for easy removal when they’ve lost their luster. 

Fence Accessories

If you’ve been thinking about dressing up your aluminum fence with new finials, rings, scrolls, or caps, then why not use your Cinco de Mayo party as an excuse to do just that?

Discount Aluminum Fences has everything you need to give your aluminum fence plenty of extra style. From Imperial and Monarch finials to decorative post caps, and even regal estate gates complete with lions, we have all the aluminum fence accessories you’re looking for.

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Compare and Contrast: Aluminum Fences vs. Chain Link Fences

Comparing and Contrasting Aluminum Fences with Chain Link Fences from Discount Aluminum FencesIf you’re considering putting up a new fence, you have plenty of options for fencing materials. Two of the most popular choices are chain link and aluminum. So how do they compare?

Fence Appearance

When it comes to appearance, aluminum fencing is the clear winner. It’s available in many styles and colors, and there are plenty of attractive accessories available to those who are interested in giving their aluminum fences an extra element of class.

Chain link fences don’t have nearly the visual appeal that aluminum fences do. At best, they look relatively secure and utilitarian. At worst, they can be absolute eyesores, ruining perfectly picturesque views and detracting from property values.


Aluminum fences are generally more effective at keeping out intruders. Typical chain link fences are quite easy to climb over, whereas aluminum fences offer fewer footholds and handholds.

True, would-be intruders can be prevented from vaulting chin link fences with the addition of razor wire, but who wants their home to look like a prison yard? With the addition of attractive (and pointy) finials, aluminum fence owners can certainly make prospective trespassers think twice about jumping over the barrier and into their yard.


Chain link fencing generally starts to rust within ten years, and sometimes sooner when they are exposed to salty air. Aluminum fencing has no such issue. Powder-coated aluminum is resilient to changing weather conditions, and stays beautiful for years and years with little to no maintenance.


Neither aluminum nor chain link are typically the first option for privacy fencing, but privacy is often an important consideration when choosing a fence.

Privacy slats can be added to chain link fences in order to keep prying eyes out, but they’re not fully opaque. Aluminum fences with extra pickets are available, and they’re about as effective as chain link privacy fences.

For privacy, chain link and aluminum fences are about equal.


One reason that chain link fencing is often chosen has to do with its affordability. It’s true that aluminum fencing tends to be more expensive on average when compared with chain link.  But as is the case with so many things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to fencing. If you choose to put up your aluminum fencing yourself, you can save a substantial amount of money.

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5 Trendy Aluminum Fence Decorating Tips for Spring Season

Our aluminum fences are pleasing to the eye on their own, but there are plenty of ways to give them extra springtime panache. Let’s take a look at some of the best fence decorating tips for the spring season.

Discover the Fence Decorating Tips for Your Yard from Discount Aluminum Fences


Ornamental finials are a wonderful way to deck out your aluminum fence for spring, or any other season, for that matter. Our imperial finials cap off each picket with a touch of royal grandeur.

Monarch finials look positively palatial on gates and fences, adding regal class to any residence or business. Our Fleur-de-lis finials are fit for one of Louis XIV’s private chateaus, and they’re sure to give your fence a stately dignity that you’ll be proud to show off. 


Rings are one of those special touches that give a fence an air of craftsmanship and substance. We offer rings and double rings designed to give your aluminum fence a stunning and unique presence that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Fence Scrolls

Fence scrolls are another detail that is often left out these days, but they add a ton of style to any fence. Flowing, ornamental scrolls lend otherwise rigid looking fences a touch of nature’s organic grace, so they’re just the thing to make your fence look great for Spring.

Ball Caps

Capping off your fence’s posts with ball caps not only looks great, but also protects your fence’s longevity by preventing debris from collecting inside your fence posts. Our ball caps can be powder-coated to match your aluminum fence perfectly.

Get Creative

So far, we’ve talked about some wonderful aluminum fencing accessories, but we haven’t discussed using your own sense of creativity to make your fence look great for spring. With everything blooming, it’s the perfect time to get inspired.

Who says string lights are just for the holiday season? Illuminate your private sanctuary with strings of lights in white or pastels. If you prefer the natural glow of candlelight, then make your own mason jar lanterns.

Add some style to your next spring BBQ by interlacing your pickets with cheery crepe paper. Even festoon your fence in festive finery with floral garlands and ribbons. You can turn your fence into a habitat for neighborhood wildlife by mounting birdhouses, hummingbird feeders, or squirrel feeders to it.

Let your inner artist shine, and use your fence as an outdoor gallery for your favorite paintings and upcycled crafts. There are many creative ways to improve your fence aesthetics; don't miss out on a chance to improve them.

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Pool Fencing Trends for 2014

Highlighting the Top Pool Fencing Trends for 2014 and Beyond by Discount Aluminum FencesWhen the weather heats up, there’s nothing like having your own backyard swimming pool. Of course, with the luxury of pool ownership comes the responsibility of making sure your pool doesn’t create a safety hazard for your family, friends, or neighbors.

In order to eliminate the risk and liability associated with having a pool, you’ll need to install fencing. Of course, you don’t want just any fence: you want one that is attractive, low maintenance, safe, and built to last.

Our aluminum fences fit the bill on all counts. They’re extremely easy on the eyes, and come in styles that are sure to add value and visual appeal to your home. Our durable powder coated finish will last for years and years, so you won’t have to worry about repainting your pool fence every season. Plus, unlike wood fences, aluminum fences never rot.

You’ll also be happy to know that all of our pool fences meet BOCA code requirements, so you’ll have no worries when it comes to safety.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends in pool fencing for 2014, and our most popular styles.

Outback Fencing

This style has the classic spear-pointed pickets that lovers of historical style find so appealing, but includes a smooth, flat top rail for extra safety. In heights 54” and above, it’s a very popular option for pool fencing, and it’s also available with puppy pickets near the bottom to keep pets from wandering into the pool area.


Clean, minimal, and modern, our Floridian line of fencing is perfect for pool owners who like simple lines and understated elegance. The style is also available with puppy pickets for pet safety, and bottom pickets that are very close to the ground to prevent tunneling dogs from creating their own entrances.


Our Appalachian-style pool fencing has spear-point pickets that not only look elegant, but also make would-be pool trespassers think twice about hopping the fence. Built to last in the USA, the Appalachian is a solid, classic choice.


The sloped square pickets of our Castle fence are certain to add an air of dignity and grandeur to your home and poolside. Order it powder-coated in black, and you’ll have a fence that’s every bit as stately as wrought iron, but requires none of the maintenance. 

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Brighten Up Your Yard with the Best Springtime Aluminum Fence Styles

Springtime Aluminum Fence Styles

Brighten Up Your Spring Season with an Aluminum Fence from Discount Aluminum Fences.

Ah, spring. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the sun is finally awakening from its long winter hibernation. With the changing of the seasons, spring becomes the perfect time to breathe new life into your home’s curb appeal. What better way to do that than by installing brand new aluminum fencing?

Aluminum fences have been steadily gaining in popularity in recent years, and with very good reason. These fences are available in a huge variety of colors and styles, from traditional to modern. Also aluminum fencing doesn’t rust or rot, unlike some other fencing materials. Further, this fence type is also maintenance-free: it’s easy to clean, and the finish lasts for years and years.

When you put up an aluminum fence, you’re not just protecting your loved ones and possessions from the outside world; you’re also adding value and style to what might be the biggest investment you’ll ever make: your home.

If you’re thinking of installing up a new aluminum fence this spring, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Appalachian Exposed Puppy Picket Fences

Classic, regal, and practical, Appalachian exposed puppy picket fences are hard to beat. Even your smallest four-legged best friends will be kept safe and secure by the Sierra Puppy Picket Pet Fence, which has closely spaced lower pickets to keep Fido’s adventures from taking him too far from home.

Manhattan Staggered Picket

The Manhattan Staggered Picket Aluminum fence is a new take on that classic symbol of the American Dream: the white picket fence. Why choose the new version over a traditional wooden fence? Here’s why: instead of spending your spring weekends repainting your wooden fence, you’ll be enjoying the weather, and getting some well-deserved R&R.

San Francisco Concave Top Picket Fencing

Our popular San Francisco Concave Top aluminum fencing calls to mind the charming, Craftsman-style bungalows of old California. Substantial, elegant, and durable, it’s sure to add value, style, and security to your home.

Discount Aluminum Fences: Quality You Can Trust

At Discount Aluminum Fences, we make every fence section and gate right here in the USA. Our powder coating emits no volatile organic compounds, and it’s so durable that we offer a lifetime limited warranty on it. We ship anywhere in the Continental U.S., so most orders arrive within five business days. Give us a try; you’ll be glad you did.

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3 Advantages of Owning an Aluminum Fence

Making decisions about your home can be unnerving. Anybody can browse the product selection, check reviews, and find the popular opinion on a product. But at the end of the day, the decision falls on the buyer and their special preferences. Choosing a fence type falls into these monumental decisions. Above all, though, the reasons to go aluminum are plentiful.  The aluminum fence brings a classic look to your home, requires barely any maintenance, and more.

Why to Choose an Aluminum Fence over Other Fence Types3 Advantages of Owning an Aluminum Fence by Discount Aluminum Fences

The proof is in the aluminum. You know what you’re getting with aluminum fence material, as opposed to wood, iron, vinyl or other fence types. The fence doesn’t rust over time, doesn’t bend or break easily, and doesn’t become a cause for worry during the winter months. You won’t have to do much maintenance either; aluminum fence paint doesn’t need to be painted for years. All of the Discount Aluminum fence products are built to last.

They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. From many pickets, picket-less, white, or black, the fence selection allows for a variety of tastes. Match your landscaping with stylish fence types from the Florida Two Rail to the classic Manhattan Picket Fence. Build the fence that you imagined in your front yard or surrounding your backyard pool, however you want to customize it. 

Security at its best. In many instances, homeowners purchase their fence to have an enclosure around their property. With that in mind, aluminum is far and away the most efficient of fence types. Chain-link fences can be bent or cut, while wood fences can be scaled by humans and animals alike. An aluminum fence with pickets will be able to prevent any intruders from going through, under, or over the top.  

The advantages of an aluminum fence make it clearly the best overall choice for homes of all shapes and sizes. The Discount Aluminum Fences catalog provides variety, authenticity, and the most secure product across the board. If you pick aluminum, you have made the right choice.


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Selecting the Right Aluminum Fence for You

Homeowners have different tastes and preferences, but ultimately there’s an aluminum fence out there for everybody’s home. With Discount Aluminum Fence’s wide selection, you’ll be hard pressed not to come away with a fence that magnifies your property’s exterior. Check out these three popular residential fence designs in that vain.

The Quintessential Aluminum Fence For Your Yard: The Manhattan Picket Fence

For those looking to add a spark to their front or back yard, the Manhattan Aluminum Residential Open Top Picket Fence can provide that aesthetic boost. A great choice for a long-term purchase, the picket structure features quality rust-free aluminum and a modern take on the residential fence. The Manhattan also showcases lengthy pickets that stretch high above the horizontal rail, which also add to the exterior beauty of the home. This classic fence can be customized and ordered seamlessly from the Discount Aluminum Fences Residential Fence page.

Find Both Security and Beauty With These Alternative Fence Selections

Homeowners in search of a fence with strength and sturdiness will enjoy the Selecting the Right Aluminum Fence for You by Discount Aluminum FencesSierra Extra Pickets Residential Fence, Sporting the most pickets of any fence style available, residents can sleep soundly knowing that there is a low chance of any intrusions. The Sierra Fence displays a mere 1 and 9/16 inch distance between pickets, delivering privacy from onlookers looking on from the house’s exterior surroundings. The extra pickets also give added strength to the fortification, adding to the Sierra fence's list of impressive qualities.

To capture a look of luxury, fence seekers will like the Castle Arched Picket Fence and its corrosion-free aluminum. The Castle structure delivers a royal presentation to a property's exterior, highlighted by an arch shape at the top and a power coated bottom section armed with numerous rails.  Buyers can choose from multiple aluminum fence shapes from this option, including butterfly, convex and concave figures. In addition, interested parties can add single walk gates, extra pickets and puppy panels to each of these arch-shaped fences to complete the look.

Not every fence is for everyone. Maybe the Sierra Pickets style suits your home best, or perhaps the Manhattan Fence's classic style. That’s why there is variety; browse the residential selection wisely and pick the best fence for your home.


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Improve Your Home’s Surroundings With an Aluminum Fence and More

The inside of your home could have granite countertops, famous paintings on the walls, and a top-of–the-line home theater system, but most people will only know about the outside of your home.  For those looking to add a spark to your property's surroundings, there are numerous ways to improve the outside of your property without breaking the bank. Consider these options to add to your aluminum fence without having to employ a contractor. Improving a home’s exterior starts with an aluminum fence but it doesn’t stop there.

Add an Aluminum Fence and Other Decorative Options To Your Front YardBrighten Your Home With an Aluminum Fence and More

With an assortment of styles to choose from, Discount Aluminum Fences delivers a comprehensive fence selection to improve your home’s aesthetics. The top customer choice is the Manhattan Aluminum Residential Open Top Picket fence, featuring height-pressed point pickets to block any sort of intruder. The Manhattan styles brings a modern yet classic style to a house exterior, while also providing a durable option for homeowners looking for a lasting purchase. In addition, this fence selection can be used for both front or back yard fencing, due to its power coated rails and no need for maintenance.

For those looking to add on to the aluminum fence without having to buy additional items, one can look to improve the fence. While the fence may not rust, it is recommended to give the aluminum a wash once in a while, as well as cleaning up its surroundings to present a pristine home. Make sure to clean up the driveway and walking paths around the house to accentuate cleanly presentation. Also, painting the fence could also bring a fresh appearance. Paint tends to run expensive n bulk, so it would be wise to budget this endeavor. Homeowners will also need loads of sandpaper to rid the fence of gloss from the new paintjob.

Beyond the fence, there are many additions to the outside of the home that will improve its aesthetics. The landscaping surrounding the fence will add to the house’s appeal and in effect accentuate the aluminum fence’s features. Keep the grass, plants, and trees trimmed will present the house as well maintained. Another way to thik outside the box is to decorate alongside the fence. Placing decorative rocks or plant life nearby the structure will clearly add charm to the property and its surroundings.

There are a significant number of possible additions to improve a home exterior, but it depends on the owner’s tastes and preferences. Start with an aluminum fence first, and then consider the wealth of options to further accentuate the home.



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Materials, Tips and Tricks for Installing an Aluminum Fence on a Slope

Not all residential properties have been blessed to sit on completely flat surfaces. Throughout the country, houses have been built on mountains, hills, and inclines of all different sorts. As a result, when building fences for your home, many homeowners will come across slopes and slants that will impact their installation process. For those that can’t employ professional help to install an aluminum fence on an incline, check out these invaluable tips and tricks for installation.

Installing Fence Posts and Gates for an Aluminum Fence on a Slope

Installing aluminum fence posts or a fence gate on an incline presents many difficult challenges. With gates, for example, it’s best to keep the gate small and narrow when possible. Many of the elements have to be considered before installation, such as how the gate will open or close and if the fence posts can be raised to the same height. Extra attention will have to be paid to all installations into the Installing an Aluminum Fence on a Slope With These Materials by Discount Aluminum Fencesslope, as modifications will be integral for the long-term stability of this type of fence. And of course, the type of products being used will need to be decided on and planned out before any safe installation is to be attempted.

For a sturdy fence to be installed on a slope or hill, homeowners must decide whether they will use posts with pre-routed holes, corner posts, and rakeable panels. While these decisions will depend on the fence’s surrounding terrain, there are several benefits of using each of these materials. Raking, defined as realigning a fence from anything other than a square shape, will assist with this process. In addition, using corner posts or line posts for odd angles will also help when dealing with inclines. There’s no science to putting together a sturdy fence in irregular conditions, but these materials and many other fence accessories will alleviate some issues.

Sometimes an aluminum fence has to be installed on a slope. When there’s no other option, following these tips will assist in building a firm and sturdy structure.

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Common Fence Installation Issues to Avoid

When a homeowner needs a fence, many tend to believe they can go about installing the structure themselves. If you can't afford help to do the handy work, this may be the only choice you have. Going about fence installation alone, though, could lead to installation mistakes that will doom the structure in the long run. So for those handymen and women who can handle installing an entire fence themselves, here are common issues to avoid during the process.

Preventing Fence Installation Issues at Discount Aluminum FencesLong Term Problems That Can Be Prevented During Fence Installation

After purchasing your aluminum fence, installing the posts can be an arduous task for those trying to do fence installation themselves. There are numerous variables involving fence posts to consider, including choosing the right size, getting them deep enough into the ground, and fastening them with the correct anchors. An inexperienced installer will run into these issues and would be wise to enlist professional help to install the structure or a surveyor to inspect it. Nobody wants to reinstall a fence after all that hard work has been done to install it.

One of the core mistakes that fence owners tend to make involves their property lines. Not many homeowners can figure out the exact dimensions of their property line without official documentation and approval from neighbors. If a fence is place across property lines, the owner will have to take down the fence and realign it according to property dimensions. To avoid this issue, getting an opinion from the homeowner’s association or hiring a professional survey company will certainly help. Then whether you decide to do fence installation yourself or hire outside help, you will have specific instructions to follow and allow for the most efficient installation possible.

Installing an aluminum fence can be a difficult task for even the most experienced handymen. Taking the fence posts and property lines into consideration early will make for a better structure.

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Highlighting Commercial Fence Styles For Apartments and Businesses

Fences have been landscape fixture for homes since the conception of the nuclear family. As apartments and condominiums have evolved, though, so have the landscaping standards for those properties. The outward appearance of businesses can have a dramatic impact on a first impression in the professional world. As the standard for appearances rises, the need for fences, enclosures, and exterior maintenance is integral. The commercial fences offered at Discount Aluminum Fences present that aesthetic need for those buildings and can be customized for your property’s specifications.

Surround Your Apartment or Condominium With a Commercial Fence

We offer options galore for apartments, condominiums, and businesses looking for a commercial fence. Pick a style, length or shape, there is a fence for your needs available on our commercial fences page. Browse our selection and you’ll Highlighting the Top Commercial Fence Styles For Apartments and Businesses by Discount Aluminum Fencesfind fences both industrial size and with 8-foot wide sections. There will also be concave, convex and butterfly-shaped gate options available. Complexes in need of a classic presentation will be interested in the Appalachian Fence. For those looking for a more subdued appearance, the Manhattan Fence structure presents the same protective features.

For those organizations in need of a secure structure with an aesthetic touch, check out the XP Style Sierra Pickets Residential Fence. With picket spaces as small as 1 and 9/16” inches, this Sierra fence provides the best privacy of any commercial fence offered. The extra pickets offer more strength and protection than a standard commercial fence style. In addition, businesses can add matching walk-thru gates, double gates, or even flat top gates of different sizes to customize their fence’s aesthetics. This model is available in multiple color options, including black, bronze, and white.

Apartments, condominiums, and free-standing businesses need enclosures too. Whether it’s for security or aesthetics, Discount Aluminum Fences has the fence to accompany your property’s exterior needs.


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Pet Fence Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Dog Safe

When installing a pet fence, setting up the structure is only half the battle. Cats and dogs are both slick and crafty creatures that will scour every potential opening to escape. Therefore, ensuring that your dog will not make a run for it requires a few extra measures to your picket fence. In order to feel comfortable about your pet’s safety, employ these tips and tricks to your aluminum fence and avoid the great escape.

What Puppy Owners Can Do to Improve Their Pet FencePet Fence Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Dog Safe by Discount Aluminum Fences

Keeping pets in the backyard first starts with owning a puppy picket aluminum fence. Amongst the several picket fences offered at Discount Aluminum Fences, the Appalachian Puppy Picket Fence is a popular choice. This specific model features sharp 5/8 inch pickets that tower above potential pets, rodents, and other animal life. In addition, the structure can withstand up to 300 pounds, providing a firm and secure blockade for home safety. Another impressive pet fence to consider is the Floridian residential fence. Used mostly as a pool enclosure, the 48 inch high two-rail fence can keep pets on the property or out of the pool area.

A potential pet escape has a lot to do with the fence gate, especially if the gate handle is accessible. Dogs and cats both can maneuver their way outside of enclosures if the proper precautions aren’t taken. The gate should be locked securely, which can be solved easily by getting a tight fit during installation. In addition, the narrow picket spaces on puppy picket fences will normally ensure pets from leaving. Over time, the dog may start to dig underground to travel underneath the aluminum fence. Preventing an underground escape requires merely some chicken wire and zip ties. Dog owners will need to dig a trench underneath the fence at about two or three feet, depending on the size of the dog. Next, place the chicken wire in the trench and attach it to the bottom of the fence with the zip tie, and continue this process around the fence perimeter or wherever may be necessary.

For those who own pets that like to wander, a picket pet fence will squander the potential for escape. Build the best enclosure possible with these tips to keep your pet safe.

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Planning Out the Cost of your Aluminum Fence

From escapist pets to barbecues in the summer, an aluminum fence is the perfect protective patio barrier to safeguard all of your backyard fun. The residential aluminum fence is great for providing security to your home while offering wide slots through the railings so you can maintain your home view.

The aluminum fence cost estimate can differ depending on your yard size, fencing material, grading quality and installation fees. A larger yard will need more equipment leading to an increase in prices. The fencing material and quality are important in terms of longevity and aesthetic appeal. While other fences may be inexpensive upfront, the damages and maintenance to the material may become costly over time. The low-maintenance aluminum fence lasts a lifetime and requires little upkeep.

Determining the Cost of the Aluminum Fence for your Home Per Footlanning Out the Cost of your Aluminum Fence by Discount Aluminum Fence

Do some research on the type of grading that best fits your land purposes. Residential aluminum fences will do the job for domestic neighborhoods. Industrial and commercial fences are mostly reserved for business areas that require extra security. Style choices and fence purposes have different aluminum cost estimates, and those factors should be taken into consideration. Complete the project layout form to help plot your intended fence placements and figure out property lines. The diagram is also helpful in helping you measure out the size of your backyard.

Depending on the dimensions needed for the yard, the aluminum fence cost estimates can fluctuate. This is why it is important to pinpoint the primary use of your fence. For an example for aluminum fence cost estimate fluctuations, the Castle Aluminum Residential Fence can be helpful in explaining the different fence needs and costs. For simple security purposes, the high aluminum fence prices can range between $66-$88. The Castle pool code section aluminum fence cost estimate is $71.39. For the puppy picket aluminum fence cost estimate, the prices are from $96.60 to $119.19. The prices are economical in the long run and protected by a lifetime warranty.

Purchasing an aluminum fence is an easy decision for your home with its low-priced affordability and simple installation. You can take this DIY fence project into your own hands from start to finish, including the aluminum cost estimate and installation. If you need help or have any questions, reach out to Discount Aluminum Fence at (800) 439-8779.


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New Year, New Fence

It’s time for a change. While fences are usually typified as a lifelong decision for homes, you can still modify your fence if the material has been damaged beyond repaired, parts of the fence have warped, or in the case of a natural disaster. If you used to line your backyard with a wood, vinyl or wrought iron barrier, you can switch it up for a stronger, permanent material.

The New Year can usher in a new beginning to some fresh changes for your home. Discount Aluminum Fences gives you the opportunity to finally install the residential aluminum fence of your dreams, and has a wide inventory of different residential fence selections available at an affordable price.

Exploring New Fencing Options for your BackyardNew Year, New Fence for your Backyard by Discount Aluminum Fence

Discount Aluminum Fences offers two basic styles of residential aluminum fences. One style has a flat top design with a straight, smooth top rail. The other residential aluminum fence design has a spear top motif, with pressed points at the end of the pickets. The components of the aluminum fence are composed of the durable aluminum alloy, and finished with a polish. The powder is one of the residential aluminum fence’s famed characteristics; the powder coat is twice as thick as other enamels and paints. This makes it difficult for the paint to rust or peel.

Some customer favorites are the Outback Residential Aluminum Picket Fence. The simplistic pattern brings a straightforward design to the table. The pickets extend above the top rails with 5/8” square rails and 6” wide sections. Another beautiful fence is the Manhattan Aluminum Residential Open Top Picket Fence. The 6” wide sections offer a panoramic view of any scenery, and the uneven picketed tops inject personality into your yard.  All aluminum fences and gates can be ordered in an assortment of different styles, widths and heights. This allows the homeowners to create their ideal backyard fence.

The perfect choice for your home, the residential aluminum fence infuses a protective security with style. The aluminum fence is a popular parameter in stylish and chic neighborhoods, meaning that a simple installation can easily boost the value of your home in the future.



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Completing the Look with Aluminum Fence Gates

The aluminum fence is a strong and private parameter for your family. The natural enclosure fence design lets strangers know to keep away from your safeguarded and protected home. Similarly, the aluminum fence gate is perfect as a welcoming invitation to friends and family to gain entry into your household. The placement of the aluminum fence gate can either be placed as a walkway fence that leads directly to your front door, or positioned as a driveway gate to your garage.

Perfect as the final, finishing touch, learn how you can install the versatile aluminum fence gate to your business or home.

Completing the Look with Aluminum Fence Gates by Discount Aluminum Fences Adding a Grand Entrance to your Home

Aluminum fence gates are a favorite for homeowners, especially because of the low-maintenance guarantee. The fences are coated with a powder polish with an electro-static charge that holds onto the material. To ensure the powder’s longevity, the paint is baked on to prevent rusting and peeling. The aluminum alloys in the aluminum material is equally as strong and matches the strength of steel.

The aluminum fence installation is easy and fast to complete. To begin, plot a layout of the fence with exact measurements. Then, tightly tie a string between the corner posts to the line posts placement, and dig the postholes to the specifications of the fencing instructions. Start with the gateposts and work out from the gates and line up your posts in the postholes to fill with concrete. Remember to plumb and level the posts to ensure straightness, and continue inserting the next posts according to your layout. Finish the installation by following the same steps until the perimeter is finally set up. The last step for the installation is the placement of the aluminum fence gate. Place the gate into the open space by the gateposts and line it up to match the slots. After, attach the hinges to the aluminum fence gate to remain secure. A gravity latch can be essential, along with any other accent pieces like post caps or finials.

In the past, the types of fences used were relatively simple. Wood and chain linked fencing were a popular and familiar presence in businesses and homes. Now, the decorative aluminum fence adds a stylish element to many residential and industrial areas. Enhance your home with an aluminum fence gate for a pleasant welcome to visitors. 


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Selecting the Right Aluminum Fence for your Yard

The holidays are fast approaching, and with season’s tidings can also bring holiday gifts. Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Some of the best holiday gifts infuse functionality with usability for easy incorporation into day-to-day life. At Discount Aluminum Fence, an aluminum fence is the perfect home exterior present to receive. It is useful as a security perimeter, can provide plenty of protection for new pups and is more than equipped to safeguard a pool in the backyard.

The aluminum fence pricing is relatively inexpensive for guaranteed peace of mind and can greatly increase the property value of your home. It is a worthwhile purchase for those who are already seeking privacy, protection and a clear boundary for their own property.Selecting the Right Aluminum Fence for your Yard by Discount Aluminum Fences

Holiday Gift Guide: Aluminum Fence Pricing

The aluminum fence delivers beneficial value to homeowners and lasts over a lifetime with little to no maintenance. It adds a distinctive edge to your home, and is available in a variety of different heights, colors, styles and picket variations. The large selection ensures a custom-fit aluminum fence that will best suit your home. Aluminum fence pricing usually doesn’t include the optional decorative elements. If one of your friends or family took advantage of the fantastic aluminum fence pricing and already owns an aluminum fence, some other gift ideas can include fun decorative accessories. Eagles and large lions can be welded to estate gates for a truly personal finishing touch. Other accessories include a high-class stainless steel gravity latch. This all adds an extra layer of detailed chic.

The Appalachian Puppy Picket fence is a reliable fence choice. The exposed picket fence style is popular amongst puppy and cat lovers. The Appalachian aluminum fence proves itself as a durable parameter to keep pets and family in, while keeping intruders and other animals out. Installed directly into the ground, the unique installation makes it harder for your pets to try to dig underneath the ground to escape. An Appalachian Residential Fence was made for a strong security presence. The vertical load can withstand up to 300 pounds and has 6” wide sections with 1” square railings. The 5/8” pickets extend above the top of the section to prevent unwanted intruders from coming into your backyard.

Discount Aluminum Fence offers year-round low aluminum fence pricing to meet your needs. Purchasing an aluminum fence can be essential to neighborhood coding and ensures overall safety for the home. This year, give the gift of security with an aluminum fence.

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Backyard Trends: Going Bold with the Black Aluminum Fence

With the beauty and protection of a traditional wrought iron fence, Discount Aluminum Fences offers a vast aluminum fence inventory in a variety of different styles, heights, and colors. The aluminum fence comes in different gradings, with the diverse aluminum fences suited best for residential, commercial, or industrial uses. The components are customizable with the picket spacing, gates, and the type of ornamental accessories desired. However, one of the most important aesthetic features is the type of color you want for your aluminum fence.

Unlike wood or chain link fencing, aluminum fences come in an assortment of different colors. With the three versatile colors of bronze, white, and black available, you can choose the color that best fits your home. This year, go against the grain with a black aluminum fence. It’s glossy finish and sophisticated veneer brings a classy touch to your home and communicates a high level of elegance for your yard.

Backyard Trends: Going Bold with the Black Aluminum Fence by Discount Aluminum Fence Make a Statement with the Black Aluminum Fence

The black aluminum fence is great for residential application, especially since the black aluminum fence will contrast beautifully with the greenery in your lawn. The black aluminum fence provides plenty of privacy while offering appropriately spaced slats to allow for some light and cool breeze to pass through. The black color brings in an upscale style that will complement your outside surroundings, and will provide additional property value to your home. As an extra benefit, the black aluminum fence is treated with a powder finish. The special varnish will never peel or rust, and only requires a little annual maintenance.


The Cathedral Residential Aluminum Fence is a striking choice as an elegant fence for your home. The decorative slopes simultaneously infuse style and privacy. While it looks dainty and crisp in the clean white color, the Cathedral black aluminum fence will look chic and refined. Another fantastic aluminum fence style is the Sierra Residential Aluminum Fence. The pickets do not extend above the top rail of the aluminum fence section, and the slim railings add a graceful finish to the strong and protective aesthetics. When chosen in black, the dark color can add an extra security aspect and also function as one of the trendiest things in your yard.

When you buy your aluminum fence this year, be sure to explore the different colors that we have in stock. The black color adds a touch of charm to your property, and will reinvigorate your yard as a stunning outdoor visual.

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