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Discount Aluminum Fences at Great Prices

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Our aluminum fences are the perfect fencing solutions for your home, office or commercial property. An outstanding line of maintenance free, powder coated aluminum fence and estate gates. Offered in three, grades: Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Our aluminum fences complement a property’s design while adding safety, boundary location, and security.  Each aluminum fence is weather proofed and durable to stand up to the test of time.

Our fences are made in America and are designed to last. They offer the security you want and the visual appeal you expect. They add additional value to your property and have the look that people want in their residential aluminum fence. You can feel safe in knowing that our fences offer safety in pool areas or for use in dog runs. Our puppy picket fences offer the extra security you want for the little ones.


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Outback or Siskin Aluminum Fence Floridian or Heron Fence 165_132 Sierra or Starling Fence 165_132 Appalachian Fence 165_132
Outback or Siskin Fence Floridian or Heron Fence Sierra or Starling Fence Appalachian Fence
Manhattan or Kestral Fence 165_132 San Francisco or Ibis Fence 165_132 Castle or Willet Fence 165_132 Extra Pickets Style Fence
Manhattan or Kestral Fence San Fran or Ibis Fence Castle or Willet Fence Extra Pickets Style Fence


Fences Provide Security &  Protection  for Your Family

Our American manufactured discount aluminum fences provides protection and security for your family and property. Fencing with the traditional wrought iron look but with out any of the maintenance. Panels are assembled for fast and easy installation. Rack-able panels for sloping ground. Fast shipping (free shipping with qualified orders).Aluminum  Pool Fences offer security and sense of mind for families.

Puppy and pet fencing will keep your pets safe and secure. With our discount aluminum fence pricing you are getting the best fence at the best price. Gates match the fence designs and are welded for extra strength, self closing hinges and a gravity latch are included at no extra charge.


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Outback or Siskin Aluminum Fence Floridian or Heron Fence 165_132 Sierra or Starling Fence 165_132 Appalachian Fence 165_132
Outback or Siskin BOCA Floridian or Heron BOCA Sierra or Starling BOCA Appalachian BOCA
Manhattan or Kestral Fence 165_132 San Francisco or Ibis Fence 165_132 Castle or Willet Fence 165_132 Extra Pickets Style Fence
Manhattan or Kestral BOCA San Fran or Ibis BOCA Castle or Willet BOCA      Extra PicketsBOCA


We Offer Quality Residential and Commercial Fences

Residential Grade aluminum fences for homes, Commercial Grade aluminum fences for office buildings, schools, shopping centers and apartment buildings and Industrial Grade for parks, federal property’s, prisons and airports.

Discount Aluminum fencing is perfect for the DIY homeowner, landscaping company’s, pool company’s and fencing company’s. Posts are routed for the horizontal rails of the fence panel to fit into, and picket spacing is 3 13/16” for openness or 1 5/8” for privacy.


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Outback or Siskin Fence 164x132 Floridian or Heron Fence 165_132 Sierra or Starling Fence 165_132 Appalachian Fence 165_132
Sierra Puppy Picket Fence Outback   Appalachian Puppy Picket Floridian Or Heron Fence
Manhattan or Kestral Fence 165_132 San Francisco or Ibis Fence 165_132 Castle or Willet Fence 165_132 Extra Pickets Style Fence
Manhattan Or Kestral Fence San Fran or Isbis Fence Castle or Willet Fence Extra Pickets Puppy


Download Our Fence Layout Form:  

Be sure to download our layout form.  Its the easy way to layout your property and figure out how much aluminum fence you need.  Once done, you can contact us or select the “free quote”  tab.  We can help you with your order by making sure you have put together all the fencing and accessories you need to complete the perfect order.

Our aluminum fences include the most popular aluminum fence styles like: Outback, Siskin, Flordian, HeronSierra, Starling, Appalachian, Manhattan, Kestral, San Fran, IsbisCastle, Willet or XP style Fences.    Be sure to check out our aluminum fence accessories.  Also, take a look at the Aluminum Fence Pickets fences.  Our aluminum fence specialists will help you along the way.


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Thank you for your interest in our ornamental aluminum fencing. We pride ourselves in offering a superior line of extremely durable aluminum fence. That provides you the peace of mind that you are receiving the highest quality and most durable aluminum fence available.

We offer three grades of ornamental aluminum fence Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Our pool code aluminum fence meets all B.O.C.A. code requirements for use around swimming pools and spas. The Commercial grade fence is available in both 6′ and 8′ wide sections, which gives you more flexibility in designing your fence project.

All gates include metal hinges, latches and hardware. A variety of upgrade hardware is available. Our fencing is available in nine styles and three colors to meet your design needs. Our aluminum fence offers distinctive features that will separate our fence from the others.

Our beveled rail design with extruded ribbing adds strength, as well as a decorative design to your fence. Picket points are rounded and smoothed to seal out water and provide safety for children and pets.

Our team is here to ensure our customers receive a quality product and superior service to meet their needs. We speak with every aluminum fence customer to ensure a successful fencing project. Our goal is to continuously improve customer satisfaction by providing the best quality, service and competitive pricing for a product that you can trust, as well as, protecting what is important in your life.

This web site shows most of our products, but if you have special requirements, please contact our office and we will try to accommodate them. Customer service can be reached at 800-439-8779 or e-mail at We look forward to providing you with the highest quality ornamental aluminum fence with superior service.

When you visit some communities, the sight of aluminum fence is a common one. It is used for various purposes, especially, for marking off a boundary of a property. Fence made of aluminum can also serve as a safety measure for families who have young children or pets. This is very important because the fence can prevent falling off a pavement or prevent children from strolling away from the house. Fences made of aluminum are the favorite of many people today simply because they are inexpensive and affordable to most homeowners.

Also, some people prefer it over wood fence, iron fence, vinyl fence among others because it is durable. Aluminum fences have simple, non- complicated designs and by the time it is put in place, it adds a touch of elegance and quality, providing good security. If it is to be used for security, it is important to make sure that the fence’s height is good. As for the pickets, they should be closed without leaving much space in-between. This ensures that children and pets will be prevented from slipping between the picket. It may be good too, if the pickets have pointed tops to prevent anyone from climbing it. All aluminum fences, as we see today, are specially baked in an oven. Before being passed into the oven, they are sprayed with powder which makes them to be strong after coming out of the oven. After baked, the powder used on it will become very hard and durable.

The fact that there are wide ranges of powder-coated fashion colors has given the aluminum fences a lot of fashion boost. Aluminum fences also hardly rust, and they are capable of giving maintenance-free operation when used with a particular gate hardware. The powder-coat and paint finishes are lifelong and you may not need a touch-up. Moreover, aluminum now also comes in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary. Aluminum fences are practical and functional, and also somewhat attractive. When you are selecting aluminum fencing, it is best to
pick fences manufactured in a mechanized, state-of-the-art facility where product flaws or defects are non- existent. Usually, the manufacturer will make high-power aluminum fence which go through many processes of cleaning, treatment, powder-coating, and testing in order to meet the industry high level quality. Another aspect to consider before obtaining aluminum fence is the competitive price.

If you are a home or land owner who has been planning on using this type of fence, you now have the opportunity to enjoy good quality fencing in wide ranges of styles and colors at relatively cheaper cost than fences made of other materials. Fences made of aluminum are not difficult to install or repair.

Let take for example the picket, if a picket is damaged then only the damaged picket needs to be replaced and not the whole fence. Its lightweight nature also helps in the installation process. Aluminum fences are easy to install and they come in 3 different grades starting from residential grade up to industrial grade. This means that you can easily and afford ably find fences for your home or any other needs. The higher the aluminum grade, the higher its stability. Securing your valuables with fencing no longer needs to be a source of worry. Aluminum fencing is gaining more popularity and will remain so. Not only that, it will continue to compete favorably with other materials being used in fencing.



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